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XaaByte is license free for unlimited users for Windows Active Directory server like features with incremental backup, disaster recovery. It also backs up Windows server. Adding mirror server keeps applications running and data available so that users can continue to work as before and business is not disrupted

X-aaByte Ess

Essential file server software to centralize and secure data from unauthorized users with built-in incremental backup for latest data and snapshots to save business from virus, malware with disaster recovery, and optional mirror server.

X-aaByte Pro AD

Active Directory server software to centrally manage user computers, forcibly centralize, secure and backup entire organization data. Optional failover mirror server keeps applications and business running if main server fails.

X-aaByte Ultra

Software for backup, ransomware protection and optional high availability server for Windows Server, X-aaByte Ultra is an alternative to expensive server clusters so that businesses can run ERP and applications without fail.


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  • ZERO COST SERVER & BACKUP Free server software, completely license free for unlimited number of users with integrated incremental backup. It delivers same secure access with password, user and group permissions to centralized data as other servers
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  • LOWER COST of HARDWARE XaaByte server software can run on Celeron or even older PC that runs Windows slow. It comes with built-in disk mirroring RAID without any additional hardware and guarantees data safety even when a harddisk fails
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  • RUN WINDOWS on USER PC Users continue to run familiar Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 with XaaByte server with no learning curve and the same user experience. Users can carry their data on XaaByte server with offline folders, just like Windows server
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  • CONTINUOUS INCREMENTAL BACKUP Built-in continuous incremental backup restores current data and not just backup taken days or weeks ago. Automatic scheduled backup restores older uncorrupted data versions without risk of PC backup software or NAS
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  • RANSOMWARE and VIRUS PROTECTION X-aaByte retains multiple older versions of backed up data in secure sandbox location on server harddisk itself and on external USB disk, and google cloud or dropbox to restore backup if live data is encrypted or corrupted
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  • FORCED DATA CENTRALIZATION* Restricts users from saving data on PC harddisk and redirects desktop, documents, downloads to forcibly centralize data from user PC without adding vulnerability of backup software on user computers or NAS
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  • CENTRAL WORKSTATION CONTROL* Blocks user computers USB and DVD disks protecting network against virus infected software, video and audio files, protects business against data theft, unwanted software installation, prevents network changes to limit internet access
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  • ROAMING PROFILE* Users’ data remains safe on XaaByte Pro when PC harddisk fails and user can simply move to another PC on the network and start working again. XaaByte ESS user can also access his data on XaaByte Server from any PC.
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  • HIGH AVAILABILITY and DISASTER RECOVERY Backs up data off-site at remote location, datacentre, google or dropbox, and on USB disk to carry off-site. Local server mirroring instantly restores data and applications on failover server when primary server fails
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  • EASY TO MANAGE and MAINTAIN Easily installed and managed like Windows server, XaaByte keeps running when disk fails, ported to another PC to quickly resume work if server box fails without waiting for replacement NAS box, nor having to backup-restore again


X-aaByte Ess X-aaByte Pro AD X-aaByte Ultra
Forced Data Centralization NO YES YES
License Free for Unlimited Users for Unlimited Users X-aaByte is license free
Windows PC Backup Yes. Without Agent Software. Yes. Without Agent Software. Yes. Without Agent Software.
Windows Server Software Built-in Server. Does not need Windows Server Built-in Server. Does not need Windows Server Built-in Business Continuity for Windows Server
Disk Mirroring Built-in RAID1, RAID10. Supports hardware RAID Built-in RAID1, RAID10. Supports hardware RAID Built-in RAID1, RAID10. Supports hardware RAID
Incremental Backup Continuous, Scheduled Unlimited Versions, Open File backup Continuous, Scheduled Unlimited Versions, Open File backup … plus Windows Server Snapshots
Data Security User Password, Groups, Folder Access Active Directory User, Password, Groups, Controlled Folder Access Windows Active Directory secure access
Malware Protection Sandboxed Backup Sandboxed Backup Sandboxed Backup
Control User Computers No Yes. Centrally with Active Directory. Yes. Centrally with Active Directory.
Management Browser Familiar Microsoft RSAT tool Familiar Microsoft RSAT tool
Remote Data Access Yes. Offline Backup. Terminal. Yes. Offline Backup. Terminal. Yes. Offline Backup. Terminal.
Cloud Backup Possible Possible Possible
Login from any PC Access Data from any PC Yes. Roaming Profile. Yes. Roaming Profile.
Business Continuity Server Mirroring Upgrade Available Server Mirroring Upgrade Available Built for Windows Server High Availability
Disaster Recovery Yes. Both offline and remote off-site Yes. Both offline and remote off-site Yes. Offline.
Granular Data Recovery Yes. Individual Files Yes. Individual Files … plus Windows server snapshot recovery
Windows clients supported Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, CE (Thin Clients) Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, CE (Thin Clients) Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, CE (Thin Clients)
Minimum Hardware Celeron, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB disk space Intel Dual Core, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB harddisk As per Windows Server Requirements
Trial Version Available 1 month Available 1 month Money back guarantee
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