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Who We Are

THE BEST MADE FOR INDIA PRODUCT award winner for X-aaByte, Fortune Grecells has built fail-safe computing solutions since 1992 to run business without disruption. We have served over 2000 customers nationally and globally in banking, insurance, defence, revenue, hospitality, recruiting, healthcare, advertising, media, education, manufacturing, distribution, stock brokers, chartered accountants and law firms and multinational organized retail; all verticals with critical operations that simply cannot function without IT.

Our indigenously built XaaByte software solution saves a 20 users business minimum Rs.1,00,000 in software and hardware costs with its license free server, backup and disaster recovery and makes Indian businesses reliable and efficient by keeping data and server available on demand since 1997.

We ingeniously implement Doubletake Availability solution, global leader in host based replication from Carbonite to make off-site server replication and disaster recovery cost effective for co-operative banks, credit societies and corporates to save them over 50% of total cost of software.

Focused on data safety and IT availability so that businesses continue to run, we setup end-to-end IT infrastructure with our best practices and support for Windows and Linux servers, Firewalls and end-point security, networking, VPN, software and hardware. We minimize downtime, lower hardware and software licensing costs for demonstrable and measurable TCO while we make IT reliable.

Started by a BE in Computer Engineering in 1992, our highly trained and experienced support team has been with us since 5 to 20 years’ and delivers remote management, telephonic and on-site support to minimize your business disruption so that we can deliver I.T. for your PROF.I.T.

Why Choose Us?

Keep Business Running

Our single minded focus is to ensure your IT systems keep running so that your business functions efficiently. Focal point of all our solutions is business continuity, be it server implementation, server mirroring, disaster recovery, firewall security to thwart hacking, UTM to improve user efficiency or data backup safety; to keep your business running, faster.

Reduce Hardware Cost
70% savings on hardware that runs XaaByte software and delivers performance similar to conventional server, 60% to 80% savings on workstations, 80% savings on power consumption, up to 50% savings on support cost provides for measurable and demonstrable cost savings with Fortune Grecells. However, it is still hard to enumerate lowering of overall cost of ownership as we ensure a part of customer savings is enough to pay us for our annual maintenance support contract
Lower Software Licensing Costs
Fortune Grecells saves up to 70% software cost with correct licensing, alternative Office applications, Google cloud and license free XaaByte server software for unlimited number of users with built-in backup software. Our innovative solutions have squarely resulted in 100% savings too. Sounds unbelievable? We know.
FAST support
With expertize on servers, backup, disaster recovery, high availability servers and firewall security, we have serviced over two thousand Indian and international customers over past 24 years. Backed by telephonic, remote managed and on-site visits, we restore your business operations in no time minimizing disruptions. We support mission critical business operations like organized retail, manufacturing, hospitality, education, health care, and chartered accountancy and legal firms to keep their Businesses Up and Running, FASTER.
Our Team
The Grecells Team is what sets us apart from competitors. Our Core Team of specialists have been with us for nearly a decade! Our Team members are very passionate in their area of expertise and bring in technology innovations in each and every project that would help customer run his business with ease,, speed and confidence.

Awards and Recognition

X-AABYTE is the recipient of ‘The Best Made for India Product’ award.

We have been crowned as HOT100 Technology twice in a row in 2014 & 2015 as the best disruptive technology companies to watch out for. HOT100 Technology awards are benchmark for investors to invest in a technology startup.

We have won Make In India Solution Champ award in 2016 and Cybermedia group (known for DataQuest magazine), Path Breaker Solution Company award in 2015 for innovative technology company.

We are International Data Group (IDG) ChannelWorld Premier 100 honouree 2014 in ingenious category pan-India. IDG is world’s leading technology media, events and Research Company, a global media conglomerate with major publication brands: CIO®, CSO®, Computerworld®, PCWorld® and ChannelWorld® and we were probably the only Indian company with a completely made in India innovation, X-AABYTE.