Deploying Carbonite Availability powered by Doubletake as Disaster Recovery solution for automated offsite replication and availability, Fortune Grecells meets requirement of banks such as cooperative banks, NBFC and credit societies, distribution and manufacturing vertical.

Fortune Grecells implementation of Carbonite Doubletake Availability is structured to save customer at least 50% cost. We delivered entire end-to-end implementation for remote off-site disaster recovery at Rs.2,30,000 for which the customer had received quotes of Rs.5,65,000 and above. We also implemented the system much faster with minimal downtime and without forcing the company to buy obscenely priced licenses.

Extremely useful for companies with offices at multiple locations to keep business running after disaster at a remote location or datacentre when primary site is destroyed, you get near zero downtime. Carbonite Doubletake Availability keeps critical Windows servers working and prevents data loss as continuous replication maintains an up-to-date copy virtually delivering no data loss.

Carbonite Availability Powered by DoubleTake delivers server failover within seconds or minutes, continuous replication of your IT systems on standby, ready for failover 24x7.