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Business Continuity is Critical

Server crash, disk crash, virus outbreak and disasters strike without warning and cripple organizations regardless of size and type of activity. Despite having usable backup, inability to deliver data immediately to users disrupts business, be it a manufacturing unit or multinational retail chain, school, hospital, bank, insurance company, architects, graphic studio, chartered accountant or government.

BLACKBOX makes server and data available to users immediately so that they can continue to work as before when server or computers crashes.






BLACKBOX finds applications in manufacturing, multinational organized retail, logistics and warehousing, education, healthcare, hospitality, media, publishing, insurance, cross-country distribution, trading and services like CA, lawyers, architects, graphics, HR and even government and defence.

End-point data protection

Large enterprises risk vast amount of data on user workstations unprotected for centralizing that data may slow critical software like SAP, Oracle, SQL even with prohibitively expensive server clusters and SAN storage. BLACKBOX centralizes workstation data freeing cluster and SAN while still delivering data to users without disruptions.

High Availability

Corporate companies with 50 to 200 users typically run ERP, SQL, Tally, Word, Excel, Emails and lose hours of work and opportunities when data is inaccessible. Organized retail chains, manufacturing units, hotels, restaurants, traders and distributors can actually count loss of revenue for each minute of billing breakdown when server fails.

Disaster Recovery

Businesses all size can be wiped out without data backed up and secure at remote location. Increasing concerns on cost of storage in cloud and data security at some third party data centre, businesses want data at remote location but be in possession of that data. BLACKBOX allows business to be in possession of data at all times with automated off-site backup.

Industry Verticals

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • School and Colleges
  • Warehouse
  • Architects and Graphics
  • Hospitality
  • Media and Publishing
  • Insurance
  • Cross-country distribution
  • CA and lawyers
  • Consultancy and HR

What People Say's About our Solutions Loved by 100s of Customers Across India!

provides backed up data in protected manner on demand...

-Subhash Palkar  ex-CIO India's 1st SAP R/3 ERP Project Manager, Board Member of SAP User Group

Innovation of a Product or a Service of leading a Cause....

-Meheriar Patel    CTO, The MobileStore, AGC Networks, Essar Retail (Essar Group co)

Right pricing for the product and it does the job....

- Manish Kamdar  Rincon Solutions Pvt Ltd, System Integrator with Large Enterprise experience

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