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Business Continuity is Critical

Server crash, disk crash, virus outbreak and disasters strike without warning and cripple organizations regardless of size and type of activity. Despite having usable backup, inability to deliver data immediately to users disrupts business, be it a manufacturing unit or multinational retail chain, school, hospital, bank, insurance company, architects, graphic studio, chartered accountant or government.

We protect businesses from disruption and disaster, secure IT and data so that data remains safe and available, make IT more efficient so that business continues to run better at a lower cost.






Our IT solutions run at businesses with 10-25 computers such as CA, architects, traders, nursing homes, recruiting, schools; 25-250 computers at manufacturing, logistics, distribution, media, hotels, and Large Enterprises like banks, insurance, organized retail chains, hospitals and government.

Server, Backup & Firewall

Often, businesses risk vast amount of data on user computers. A PC cannot protect data against disk crash, a shared drive cannot secure data against outsider or unauthorized employee, an antivirus cannot save data from malware and NAS box is helpless in disaster. Our solutions secure data and keep it safe.

High Availability

Corporate typically run ERP or legacy applications with MS SQL server, Tally, Word, Excel, etc. and lose hours or days when server fails. Retail chains, distributors, hotels, manufacturers can quantify loss of revenue when server fails. With our high availability solutions your users can continue to work even when server fails.

Disaster Recovery

Businesses can be wiped out without data backed up and secure at remote location. Cost concerns of storage in cloud, worries of data security at some third party data centre or public cloud are real. With our solutions, businesses can remain in possession of data at all times, at a remote off-site location.

Industry Verticals

  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • School and Colleges
  • Warehouse
  • Architects and Graphics
  • Hospitality
  • Media and Publishing
  • Insurance
  • Cross-country distribution
  • CA and lawyers
  • Consultancy and HR

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