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Business Continuity and High Availability

With built-in server, backup and disaster recovery capabilities, BLACKBOX DATA SAFE delivers 100% data protection. Upgrade to server mirroring delivers high availability cluster to instantly restore data and applications for uninterrupted business operations.


File server to centralize and secure data from unauthorized users and outsiders, It has built-in enterprise grade backup to protect against virus, malware and for disaster recovery while server mirroring delivers continuous business.


Active Directory centrally manages user PCs to forcibly centralize and secure data to backup entire organization data. Server mirroring keeps business running with instant failover on mirror server when primary server fails.


High availability alternative to expensive Windows server clustering, BLACKBOX Ultra keeps business running by instantly restoring Windows server OS and Applications on mirror server when primary server fails.


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  • LICENSE FREE SERVER BLACKBOX is free server software for unlimited number of users and devices totally free of Client Access Licenses – CALs. It delivers same secure access to centralized data as conventional servers with password, user and group permissions
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  • CONTINUOUS INCREMENTAL BACKUP BLACKBOX built-in continuous incremental asynchronous open file backup restores both current and multiple older data versions for flexible RTO & RPO without vulnerability of backup software on user computer
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  • FORCE DATA CENTRALIZATION* BLACKBOX Pro blocks users from saving data on local workstation harddisk and enforces folder redirection to forcibly centralize data from user PC without adding vulnerability of backup software on user computers
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  • CENTRAL WORKSTATION CONTROL* BLACKBOX Pro protects user computers from USB and DVD disks carrying virus infected software, protects organization unwanted software piracy, data theft, and can limit user internet access to official email id.
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  • OFFLINE FOLDERS MOBILITY and BACKUP BLACKBOX helps in supporting Windows offline folders for users such as laptop users to work when they are not connected to the network and to backup data from Windows computers without additional backup software vulnerability or NAS.
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  • SANDBOX STORAGE RAID BLACKBOX backs up data centralized on it on built-in RAID mirrored disks to prevent data loss in the event of a disk crash and stores in sandbox area to protect data from virus, ransomware and other non-disk encrypting malware.
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  • ROAMING PROFILE* BLACKBOX Pro User can work seamlessly on any computer on network with the same user experience. BLACKBOX users too can access data from any computer on the network to continue work when his workstation fails.
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  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY and DISASTER RECOVERY BLACKBOX backs up data securely over internet at remote company site or on authorized USB disk to carry off-site in possession of the company, not on some 3rd party datacentre. BLACKBOX can also be configured to backup data on google drive and dropbox.
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  • HIGH AVAILABILITY SERVER CLUSTERING BLACKBOX server mirroring and failover instantly restores data and applications when primary server fails delivering high availability as a viable and affordable alternative to traditional cluster
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  • EASY TO MANAGE and MAINTAIN Can be installed on x86_64 system & managed like Windows server. It keeps running when disk fails on RAID and hardware box failure, disks can be plugged into other PC to quickly resume work without waiting for custom hardware box or without going through steps restore–backup–restore.

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