Protect your business
    from Ransomware and Disruption
    with Next Generation Server Backup
    HA and Disaster Recovery Software

Backup and Instantly Restore Your Server, Data, Important Files, Outlook, Tally, ERP, SQL applications
X-aaByte and Carbonite Doubletake software

Data Backup

Continuous, Automated & incremental backup of important files to protect data from virus, ransomware and from user deleting or overwriting files.

High Availability

Prevent expensive downtime with our high availability solution for servers. Say good bye to business disruption and data loss downtime for ever.

Disaster Recovery

Recover your valuable data and keep your business running using our award winning disaster recovery solutions for all size of businesses.

Key Benefits


    Keeps users working as before with applications and data when server fails, without having to reinstall or reconfigure server or restore data


    Restore from snapshots safely backed up in sandbox location inaccessible without privileged password & detachable USB disk to restore business after attack


    Recover applications in minutes with off-site DR server at remote location or Data Centre, or restore backup from google drive, dropbox or portable disk


    Stop social media, downloads, porn, personal use and other misuse, block unknown threats, automatically and instantly isolate infected systems and prevent hacking


    X-aaByte license free server and incremental backup software for unlimited number of users to deliver latest data and older data versions


    Best practices, telephonic, remote managed services, and on-site support keeps IT and business running. We also implement Windows server and backup solutions

Backup is NOT Business Continuity

For businesses to run, users need to be able to access data in real time. Backup and security of user access permissions needs to be restored to resume work, which takes time. Every minute lost without user access to data is loss of productivity, revenue and profit. Certain loss of reputation may see irate customers migrate to competitors.

Be it computer or server crash, disk or system hardware failure, virus or malware, disasters like fire, flood, theft or earthquake, our team of experts will help you secure your business against downtime so that users continue to work as before.

We run business, not restore data. Talk to our business
continuity expert on +91-9320056825

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